What is it?

Easy Pitch Counter lets you track the count in a baseball game. The interface is clean and uncluttered and can be used one-handed via the large, easy to tap "Ball", "Strike", and "Foul" buttons. In addition to just keeping the batter's count, a running total of pitches is recorded for each pitcher. Total balls, total strikes, and overall total pitches are tracked. No more trying to keep track of pitches on a mechanical counter!

Why Easy Pitch Counter?

One of the things that makes Easy Pitch Counter different than other pitch counters is the ability to upload the pitch total data to our website. Once uploaded, the historical data is viewable by anyone you choose to give access to. It's great for sharing a pitcher's performance with parents, tracking improvement throughout the season, or just for keeping track of how many pitches someone has thrown.


Check out some demonstration videos of Easy Pitch Counter in action!